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Finance Operation

What is our GBS-Accounting to business owner?


Privilege to source out finance and accounting department from own company. In other words, business owner do not have to hire additional accounting staff for your accounting job.

Act of contracting with a professional firm to perform full sets accounts, bookkeeping and management of account analysis.

Experience quality-guaranteed accounting services.

Why do business owner need Accounting Outsourcing (GBS-accounting)?

Lower the burden of having own finance department.

Enable firm to leverage on financial and human resources.

Able to concentrate better on revenue generating activities and expansion of firm.

Availability of professional accounting advise.

Leads to cost saving.

Able to focus more attention on core operations.

Can have better compliance with accounting standards and taxation legislation.

Hassle free on finance personnel turnover and receive continuous services.

How our Finance Operation services can help business owner?

Accounts Set-Up

  • Accounting Framework for Financial Statements.
  • Chart of Accounts Set-Up: Revenue & Sales, Purchases & Cost of Goods Sold, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, and Capital.


  • Record of income and expenses in accordance to GST and tax requirements.
  • Record of receipts and payments transaction in the system.
  • Record of CAPEX and financial repayments in the system.
  • Record of periodic provisions and journal entries in the system.
  • Information Capture for above transaction includes: Date, Document Number, Single Description of Transactions, Amount, and GST (if applicable).


  • Preparation of bank reconciliation on regular basis.
  • Preparation of Fixed Asset Schedule.
  • Review and finalize the monthly financial statements (refer to Income Statement/Profit & Loss Account, Statement of Financial Position/Balance Sheet and Trial Balance)

GST Review & Submission Services, If applicable

  • Review GST Return (GST-03) before submitting to Royal Malaysia Customs Department (RMCD).
  • Preparation e-filing of GST-03 submission.

Administrative & Filling Services (optional)

  • Sorting of invoices, purchases and expenses in accordance to nature and time.
  • Filling of documents in accordance to nature sorting and timing.
  • Prepare listing of claims documents on monthly basis, if applicable.

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