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What is GBS-Taxation Service to business owner?

Annual Tax compliance with Income Tax Act 1967.

Complying with emergence of new legislative in terms of reporting requirements and statutory fillings.

Keeping tax strategy agile and aligned with business strategy to achieve business objective.

What kind of Taxation Service we provide?

Personal, Expatriate, and Company Tax Compliance Service

  • Advising in assessment and collection procedures, appeal procedure, tax legislation and practices.
  • Issue EA form, PCB, and Form E.
  • Preparing and filling of tax returns for companies, individuals, partnership and others.

Tax Planning Advisory

  • Advising on tax efficiency of Merger and Acquisitions, takeovers, and restricting of companies.
  • Expatriate remuneration package.
  • Advising individual and company on Real Property Gains Tax, GST and Tax incentive.
  • Cross border and International Tax planning.

Tax Audit and Investigation Advisory

  • Preparing personal capital statements.
  • Advisory on Tax’s related issue raise by tax authorities.
  • Proposing Tax practicality solutions.
  • To negotiate and discuss settlement terms with tax authority.

2-in-1 Tax Advisory Solution

2 in 1 Tax Advisory Solution = Tax Risks Management + Technical Supports + Documentation Review + Professional Advice

In the current rapid changing business atmosphere, the tax legislations like income tax and GST always is one of the main concerns which should not be ignorable by the businesses.

In view of the aggressiveness and tight enforcement of Malaysian Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia and Royal Malaysian Customs Department of Malaysia,

2 in 1 Tax Advisory solution is providing the supports and assisting the accountants and accounting personnel in income tax and GST compliances to enable them to cope with the challenges that encountered in the dynamic ever-changing tax compliances environments.

The incomparable features of the solutions

  • Online and on site supports for the income tax and GST queries, uncertainty and sufficiency of documentation keeping advisory.
  • A team of professionals who are well versed in the latest Income Tax and GST that they are capable to advise the business owners and accounts on both taxes
  • Timely updates on the income tax and GST legislations, rulings or guidelines changes
  • The solutions always covering the income tax and GST implications
  • Regular effective trainings
  • One Stop Professional Centre – Other advisory services can be added on like accounting, Companies Act 2016 advisory, financial management and financial planning.
  • Supports from more than 300 professionals across major cities of Malaysia

Transfer Pricing Documentation Advisory

  • Advising on gathering and collecting the data which are relevant for determining the basis for the pricing which are arm’s length principles.
  • The study and the Transfer Pricing Documentation will cover the following sections:-
    • Business Description of the company
    • The Group Structure of the company
    • Organisational Structure of the company
    • Current pricing basis and methodology adopted by the company
    • Identifying and Confirming related parties transactions within the Group
    • Business strategy
    • Functional and risks analysis
    • Transfer pricing methodologies assessment
      • Comparable uncontrolled price method (CUP)
      • Resale price method (RPM)
      • Cost plus method (CPM)
      • The transactional net margin method (TNMM)
      • Profit split method (PSM)

Budget, GST and Tax Seminars

  • Promote awareness on tax related matters to business owner.

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